Savannah De Almeida 
Model/ Dancer / Actress  

I did a photoshoot with Matt in August whilst in New York. I needed a new photoshoot, something natural and fresh. Matt understood me and helped me get the looks and images I was wanting.

Matt provides a free consultation which allows you to meet him and discuss your photoshoot so you can prepare properly and make the most of your photoshoot. I connected with Matt instantly, he is extremely knowledgeable, patient, kind and friendly. 

Matt made me feel extremely comfortable and was super helpful. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I learnt so much and I loved shooting with him.

Matt gave me the freedom to be creative but also gives directions when you run out of creative ideas or for the less experienced models.

I am so happy with my photos and with the editing! Extremely professional and high quality images which were all accepted by agencies.

I would definitely recommend Matt.

Savannah De Almeida Model/ Dancer / Actress  


Andrea Brodine
Dancer / Performer

I thoroughly enjoyed my shoot experience with Matt! The entire process was an open collaboration between photographer and subject – from planning idea boards, to coming up with creative lighting on-set. As an artist in multiple aspects, Matt’s creative process is intentional, detailed, and tailored to each individual. The pre-shoot planning process allowed necessary preparation in order to make the shoot efficient and stress-free. Shoot day was not only stress-free, but also a lot of fun! Matt has the unique ability to create an atmosphere where the subject can feel at home, and thus able to produce the most genuine expressions for the camera, fitting for every purpose and occasion. Matt’s final editing process is also very detailed and precise, and he communicates effectively to insure you get exactly the end-product you’re looking for!

-       Andrea Brodine

Andrea Brodine_MG_8818.jpg